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Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I submit a support ticket?

Prior to submitting a support ticket, please make sure that you have contacted your inviter. If that was unsuccessful, feel free to consult our FAQ list. If you have done both of these things and your issue persists, please login to your account and go to 'Help' tab and follow the steps. This ticket will be submitted to our Technical Support Team.

How can I contact Banners Broker?

 There are several ways to get in contact with us. If you have a general inquiry about Banners Broker, the first step is to get in contact with your independent contractor.  Independent contractor contact info can be found here




What is Banners Broker?

Banners Broker is an online advertising network that manages the sourcing, publishing and performance tracking of ads that make the connection between advertisers and publishers around the world.

What does Banners Broker do?

We connect advertisers with effective ad space and publishers with the most relevant ads to market on their websites. With an extensive online network consisting of hundreds of thousands of publishers and advertisers from around the world, we help our clients increase sales and earn additional advertising revenue.

What is an online advertising network?


An online advertising network
is a pool of website owners (who we refer to as publishers) and
businesses who want to participate in online marketing (who we refer to
as advertisers). Together, they form a powerful group of companies that
connect with one another. On one side of the equation, advertisers find
excellent places to advertise, and on the other, publishers find
targeted ads to display on their websites.

What is a banner ad?


A banner ad is an online advertisement. It is placed on other companies'
websites, and more specifically, on those that relate to the
advertiser's business. Our banner ads come in several different sizes:

  •     Leaderboard (728x90)

  •     Full Banner (468x60)

  •     Large Rectangle (336x280)

  •     Medium Rectangle (300x250)

  •     Skyscraper (120x600)

  •     Wide Skyscraper (160x600)

  •     Square Box (250x250)

  •     Vertical Banner (120x240)

  •     Button (125x125)

  •     Small Rectangle (180x150)

What is an ad impression?


An ad impression is one appearance of an advertisement on a particular web page (i.e. a pageview).

Why should I advertise with Banners Broker?


As the number of
worldwide Internet users continues to rise, so does the effectiveness of
online advertising. Part of what makes online advertising so lucrative
is the fact that, for a minimal cost compared to traditional forms of
advertising, it enables you to target your campaign to specific age
groups, consumer preferences and geographic regions. But, in order to
execute this properly, it is critical that you find the perfect online
ad space - a task that can be time consuming and overwhelming. This is
where Banners Broker comes in. By advertising with us, you immediately
gain access to a network of hundreds of thousands websites from around
the world. Once you specify the details of your campaign, we place your
advertisements on highly relevant sites that perfectly match your

How do I become a Banners Broker advertiser?


Becoming a Banners Broker advertiser is quick and easy. Simply visit our Advertisers page and click on the Register link. Follow the steps provided to create your account and purchase the campaign of your choice.

Why should I become a Banners Broker publisher?


If you own a website
that receives a significant amount of traffic, Banners Broker can help
you grow your business through a new revenue stream. As a Banners Broker
publisher, your website is included in our database of viable
advertising space. When we make a match, advertisements are placed on
your website. For every ad impression generated by your website, you
earn a pre-set amount of money. Through our program, Banners Broker
publishers are able to grow their corporate revenues by taking full
advantage of their web traffic.

How do I become a Banners Broker publisher?


To become a Banners Broker publisher, visit our Publishers page. Click on the Register link and follow the instructions to sign up.

Does Banners Broker target a specific geographic area?

No. Because of our international scope, Banners Broker has access to
numerous consumer markets across the globe. Through our extensive
network, we are able to accommodate the diverse geographic demands of
our advertisers.

What is a Combo Package?


The Banners Broker Combo Package is
a brand new opportunity in the online advertising marketplace. It is
designed to give non-website owners the ability to join in on the
action. The first of its kind, the Combo Package allows you to play the
role of advertiser and publisher - simultaneously. You advertise your
business through the Banners Broker network just the way any advertiser
would. At the same time, Banners Broker creates your very own virtual
online store where you earn advertising revenue for the ad impressions
we generate for you.

Can I earn advertising revenue without owning my own website?


Yes. Impossible up until now, even those who don't own a website can now
take advantage of the successful and ever growing online advertising
industry. By signing up for our Combo Package, not only can you
advertise with us but you can also earn your own advertising revenues as
a publisher. We design, host and operate a virtual online store for
your business, enabling you to earn online ad revenue to offset your
advertising costs.

Where can I find the recorded webinars?


They are available on your dashboard in the back office.

Will joining Promo 121 be optional after the first year we've paid for?



What is a Promo Pack? Is it still available?


The Promo Pack was a promotional bundle BB offered in BBV1. It is no longer available.


What advantage will we get for having the paid version of Promo 121?


The paid version of Promo 121 offers affiliates certain tools they can use to maximize their business and generate more revenue.

Are there any IP restrictions for a certain number of affiliates using the same pc?


There are no IP restrictions, but you will need to supply I.D. for each account when it comes to withdrawals from your ewallet.

If I manage more than one account of friends and family, will I also need their ID in order to withdraw money?


Yes. ID is to be provided when withdrawing money from the account.
However, Banners Broker does not promote or require affiliates to have
their accounts managed. If the affiliate takes it upon themselves to
have their account managed, the affiliate and manager of the account are
in agreement. If anything happens, Banners Broker holds no liability.
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Will you publish your Head Office address and independent contractor office addresses?


Yes. They should be available in the Contact Us section of the site.

Will there be qualifying requirements to become a publisher?


The three requirements would be site content, site category, and a minimum of 1000 traffic hits per site.

If I already uploaded my ID, can I still upload a notarized ID at a later date?


Absolutely, you can upload your notarized ID at any point.

If I redeem money through Payza, with the user name of Bannersbroker and not the user name of Payza, what happens then?


If the username exists, it will go through. If it doesn't exist then it
won't go through. Please ensure you insert the proper username for all

Is there certain days for payouts?


Payouts are 10 - 14 days from your withdrawal request.

Is it normal not to see the panel earn revenue for 3 days?

The maximum time an ad will not receive a hit is 5 days. The maximum
life span of a panel is programmatically maintained by the historical
average of this panel colour.

Can you change your Banners Broker username once the account has been set up?

No, you can't.

How long does bankwire take to withdrawal money?

7-14 days.

Can Americans use Allied Wallet?


Americans can use Allied Wallet, but need a notarized ID, proof of
address, and would need to call Allied Wallet to let them know that they
are affiliated with Banners Broker.

When are you planning the next convention date and where?


Banners Broker will be holding the next convention date in the 4th quarter of 2013 - place TBD.

Why do I need to provide my Social Security Number for a BB Prepaid Card?


We require the SSN to be compliant with Vector. However, you only need
the SSN if you are ordering the BB Prepaid Card and from the U.S.A.

When is the new $10,000+ package going to be in place?


Later this year

Can a business account get a BB Prepaid Card?


All cards are issued in a person's name. A business name cannot be on the card.

When we apply for our BB Prepaid Card, will there be something up on the website telling us what stage our BB Prepaid Card is at?


Yes, you can check the status of your card under the prepaid tab. 

Launch of BBv2


When will Promo 121 go live?

Version 1 of Promo 121 is live at

With BBv2, how long does it take a red or black panel to complete?

All panel times are based on traffic coming to that particular publisher
site. Therefore Banners Broker does not give specific times.

Could you elaborate on how to accelerate panels in BBv2?

The completion time for panels to generate revenue can be quickened by purchasing Traffic Boosters.
When we buy our initial package, is there complimentary traffic or do we have to qualify?

Can I receive training on BBv2?

Yes. Login to your back office and watch the various training tutorials and webinars.

Will everyone be able to buy one package each with the launch of BBv2 even though they were in before?

No. In BBV2, affiliates are only allowed one activated package in their account.

Will you be able to supply us with business cards with our company info
and logo on them, or do we have a template available we could use with
someone like Vista Print?

No. You're able to create your own, but if you wish to use our Banners
Broker logo or name you must contact support for approval.

Can standard affiliate apply traffic boosters to red or black panels? Or can only premium affiliate?

No, only premium affiliate can apply traffic boosters. However, standard
affiliate can apply traffic to panels that have sales credits.

Can BB grow globally? If so, is there a possibility of the panel speed slowing down once the traffic cap is hit?

Yes, any growth is possible. And no, the revenue earned from panels is being earned through traffic from publisher sites.

Is a passive income possible in BBv2 if an affiliate is not a good salesperson?

Yes. Through purchasing traffic packs.

How many campaigns can we run at any one time?

You may create several campaigns, however the first three campaigns will be the only one running at one time.

Can I purchase a package and transfer it over to another affiliate in BBv2?



Can I increase the speed of my panels by driving traffic to my BB website through my own marketing methods?

Yes it is called organic traffic. For more information click on traffic bank tab in your back office and click on organic.

What is the purpose of a monthly traffic pack?

Monthly traffic packs include 50,000 traffic hits which you can apply to
any website you want or you may use it to qualify a panel in lieu of an
affiliate sale. Please be advised that traffic packs are a monthly

How do traffic packs work within a premium account?

You have no limit on how many traffic packs you may purchase or the amount of panels you can apply it to.

How and when can I pay for my monthly subscriptions fees?

The monthly subscription fees are automatic. This feature has been
available since April 2012. Affiliates will receive a reminder email
that BB will be taking the monthly subscription automatically from your

Can I purchase a Traffic Pack for only one month?

Traffic packs are a monthly commitment. There is no option for a one time purchase of a traffic pack.

Do Traffic Packs have to be the same amount on a monthly basis?

You may only increase the amount of traffic packs purchased per month.
You may not decrease the amount. Please be aware that if you increase
the amount of traffic packs one month, you are committed to that same
amount every month.

As a premium affiliate, what added benefits do I have when purchasing traffic boosters?

For one, you save 37.5% on traffic boosters. Additionally, there is no limit to the panels that you apply the booster to.

The premium account is $100/month. Does that include traffic or do we have to buy traffic ourselves?

No, that does not include traffic. The $100/ month is your admin fee for
the back office tools and exclusive benefits for the premium account

I noticed that when you buy traffic packs (ex. $300 in traffic packs) it
is done as a 'subscription' and one should buy that same amount of
traffic packs monthly. Is this correct?

This is one of the requirements if you choose to purchase traffic packs.
Whatever you purchase, you are committed to buying the same amount each

One traffic pack qualifies how many panels?

The amount of traffic hits to qualify a panel will vary based on the
panel. Please watch our traffic pack tutorial for more info.

I understand that sales credits in BBv2 will be awarded as 'traffic' -
will that traffic still be designated by panel color or will it just go
into a general traffic bank for use on any panel?

Yes it will be designated by panel color.

If you have purchased a $50 traffic pack this becomes a monthly
commitment, but at some point you may not require it as your sales
credits grow, so can you therefore cancel the $50 subscription in the

If you cancel your traffic pack subscription, you lose all bonus traffic
hits from day one and you may not purchase traffic packs again for six
months. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions on the Purchase Traffic
Pack page of our web site.

What if a newcomer has a green pack and cannot get invitees. How can he/she work it out?

They can buy a traffic pack to qualify the panels.

Will we know where the traffic hits come from in BBv2 so we know who is active and who to work with?

Yes. You can see this under Traffic Banks under the sales tab.

When you have enough sales credits sustaining you, how can traffic packs benefit?

If you are sustaining with sales credits, you don't need traffic packs unless you want traffic sent to your external website(s).

Will the Traffic Pack hits accumulate every month if not used?

Yes they never expire.

How can I qualify my panels?

There are 2 options available at the moment. 1) You can qualify your
panels by receiving sales credits from your team. 2) By purchasing
traffic on a monthly basis from the BB International.

If I have not purchased a package yet, but I am receiving sales credits from my team, will the sales credits expire?

You will have 30 days to purchase a package in order to use your sales
credits. After 30 days, if nothing is purchased in your account, the
sales credits will go to your inviter and you will lose your invitee.

What is the maximum number of traffic pack hits an affiliate can purchase?

There is no limit, but please keep in mind what you purchase this month is what you will commit to each month.

Can you transfer hits to another affiliate?

No. Traffic products such as the traffic pack and traffic booster cannot be transferred to another affiliate.  

Promo Packs and Panels

What has happened to the promo packs we bought when you first launched them in Oct./Dec.?

Promo Packs are no longer for sale. This was a promotional package for
the pre-launch phase of BBv2. You should see the items for the promo
pack in your back office.

Will my BBv1 panels advance at a quicker pace?

BBv2 is more interactive than BBv1 and it is possible to have your
panels go at a quicker pace. Please keep in mind that traffic is
variable and not all panels move at the same speed.

What is a Roll-up?

In order to increase the growth of your account, BB has introduced the
option to roll up your panels. In order to roll-up, you must have three
panels of the same colour that are NOT qualified, and they will merge
into one panel of the next colour. For example: 3 unqualified yellow
panels are rolled up, you will receive one purple panel.

Are panels forced to roll up now?

Yes, once you have six panels of the same color, roll-up will be
initiated automatically. Three of the panels will be rolled up to the
next colour, and the other three will remain in your account.

Will we use AlertPay again?

AlertPay has been changed to Payza. Payza processor is now available in your back office to fund your eWallet.

Will there be any higher panels than black in the future?

Anything is possible but there are no options at this time.

Is there a limit to how many qualified panels I can have?


If there are 5,000 hits for the yellow panels what are the hits for purple, blue, green red black?

All of this information is available in the back office. Tutorials and
webinars will be able to explain further. If you need more help please
refer to your inviter.

What happens if I set my panel at 50% repurchase?

If your panel is set to 50%, 50% of the total revenue earned goes
towards purchasing one panel of the same colour and the other 50% goes
to your eWallet.

If we have all the color panels, can one traffic pack be applied on them all?

Yes. If you are a premium affiliate and you're within your allowance ratio.

If I have an Ad-Pub Combo, can I use my personal website as the publisher site?

No, because these are self-replicating sites and we need permission to modify the site.

How much will the panels cost? Will there be complimentary panels?

Panels range from $10+. Complimentary panels are only available after
you have purchased and activated your package. Further information is
available in your back office under the purchase tab.

Can we transfer panels from one account to another?


If the queue time drops, what will be the average time a yellow, purple, blue, green, red and black take?

The queue time does not drop, it is a set time of 48 hours.  

Can I use impressions to qualify panels?

No. Impressions are a completely different product. They have nothing to do with your panels and traffic. 

How do the complementary panels work?

Affiliates receive two cycles of complimentary panels when they purchase
and activate their package. The complimentary panels are already

If I receive hits from an affiliate in my team from a finished green
panel, can I use those hits on any panel or just on a green?

You may only apply the sales credits received from the green panel on a green panel.

After reaching my traffic cap on a green panel, what amount will I get into my eWallet?

$270 if you set your panel at 50%, and $0 if it's at 100%.

What is the advantage of locking the panel?

Your inviter will receive your sales credits as well when locked and
qualified; you will receive the impressions to go towards your
advertising campaign. 


What is a independent contractor?

Similar to a franchise, Banners Broker International has established regional companies to resell our products and services.

When will withdrawals make it into my account?

Processing for a standard affiliate may take up to 15 business days, for
premium it is 7. Once withdrawals have been processed it may take up to
an additional 10 business days for you to see funds in your bank.

From what date will the new subscriptions be applied?

Your subscription anniversary date beginning in February.

Will subscription payments come from our eWallets?


Is there a limit to the amount of products I can purchase at one time?

No. But purchases of $5000 or higher is considered a corporate sale and you must go through corporate.

How can I upgrade to premium from my standard account?

Affiliates can only upgrade their account from Standard to Premium by
purchasing more than one traffic pack. Please be advised the traffic
packs are a monthly commitment. Banners Broker International is looking
into alternative methods for account upgrading.

Can I transfer funds to my family affiliate's accounts?

No. eWallet funds cannot be transferred from one affiliate to another.
Only products can be transferred from affiliate to affiliate. These
include packages and panels.

How can I contact the independent contractors in different countries?

Please go to the specific country page you are looking for, using the
flag dropdown on the top right of the page, and click on "Click here for
independent contractor Office Information". The address/phone of the
independent contractor in that country will be listed there.

Heard there was a 10% commission for new invitees. Is that true and if so will they be recurring?

No. The 10% commission is for sales that you create for Advertiser,
Publisher, Traffic Pack, Traffic Booster, and Promo 121, there is no
commission for sales of the combo package.

Is it possible to be paid with a cheque instead of direct deposit?

No. Due to the fact that BB is an international company, paying in cheques is not feasible.

How much can we withdraw at any point in time? And is there a limit on how much we can withdraw?

There is a limit on how much affiliates can withdraw, and the limit's based on your account.

Is there a onetime payment for standard or premium affiliate per year?

There will be an annual option available coming soon.

Why can't we use a credit, debit card or bank transfer to purchase our original package?

We have several pay options available in your back office. However,
depending on the country where you reside, some restrictions on pay
processor are limited.  

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